Theresa's Beadwork and Chainmaille Tutorials

This site contains instructions for a few of my beadwork creations, along with some other helpful beadwork and chainmaille related information. These designs are my small contribution to the beading and mailling communities that have taught me so much, and are freely available to anyone who finds them.

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Crystal Flower Choker

Sparkly goodness!

Braided Crystal Bracelet

"Ribbons" of crystals woven together.
A somewhat more advanced pattern.

Scrolls Necklace

An elegant and intricate-looking necklace that's really quite easy to make.

Red Gothic Princess Necklace

A classy and dramatic choker with drapes of fringe.

Russian Net Necklace

The Case of the Russian Net of Intrigue... solved!

RAW Lace Necklace

A dainty bit of lace worked in right angle weave.

The Maille Page

Some tutorials, tips, and links to places where you can learn more about chainmaille.


Random Useful Tidbits

General beady tips and techniques.


Helpful Links

Things I think you should know, from people
who can say it much better than I can.


If you have any questions or comments, I can be reached by email at vacacitabeadwork (at)

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