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The art of chainmaille is a wonderful counterpart to beadwork and jewelry-making, and I've found that it's just as addictive. There's a lot of good information out there, and on this page you'll find a compendium of the websites I've found most helpful, as well as the tutorials I myself have written.

At its simplest, chainmaille is the art of weaving together many little metal rings into a fabric or chain. Needle and thread aren't necessary; the rings themselves are joined together, usually with the aid of pliers. There are hundreds of different weaves, and new ones are still being invented. If you're just starting out, I suggest you browse some of the informational websites, become familiar with some of the common weaves (and pick out your favorites), and then get some supplies and start weaving.


Weaving Half Persian 4-1

My take on this beautiful but notoriously challenging weave.

Joining Half Persian 4-1

A procedure for making a continuous loop of the Half Persian 4-1 weave.

* Revised with process-specific photos. The original CGI version can be found at MAIL here.

Helm/Parallel Chain

A simple and lovely weave known by two names.

Finishing Triplicate Chain Weaves

Wire findings that smoothly finish Turkish Round, Roundmaille, and
other triplicate chain weaves.

Shaggy Loops

Loose rings give a 2-1 chain the "shaggy" look.
A weave by Motorcyclemama.

Some Things You Should Know About

Opening and closing rings properly - There's a right way, and a wrong way. Urban Maille shows you the right way.

Aspect Ratio - The AR for a given size of ring is equal to its inner diameter (in inches or mm) divided by its wire diameter (also in inches or mm). This principle guides what size ring(s) will work for a particular weave.

Wire Gauges - The gauge of a piece of wire tells you how thick it is. Unfortunately, there are multiple systems of designating wire gauges, so you have to be on your toes to make sure the ring size you get is the ring size you want.

Ring Sizes - My preferred ring sizes for various weaves.

Chainmaille Suppliers - Places to buy rings and other maille supplies.

Chainmaille Links

Maille Artisans International League (MAIL) - Home base for maille-related articles and tutorials (most found under the "Weaves" heading in the Library).
* Chainmail Construction (overview) by David_Austin
* Know Your Maille Terms by Blaise
* Know Your Maille Project Plan by Blaise
* Knitting Needle Mandrels and Calculated Aspect Ratios by cliffordparker

Derakon's Library - Detailed tutorials for several weaves featuring computer-generated renders to illustrate steps.

The Ring Lord Forum - A very active maille forum, where many questions can be answered by browsing the archives or joining in the discussion.

Zlosk's Website - The self-proclaimed "aspect ratio zealot" shares his insight. In particular, see the first two links on this page. - Home of Phong's tutorials & customized maille graphics.

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